Health Optimization Services

Personalized Coaching

with Dr. Kamy

Combining medicine, nutrition, exercise and the mind to achieve wellness goals, Dr. Kamy’s coaching services guide you to set goals and increase your accountability in achieving those goals. His personalized coaching services are designed for anyone looking to unleash the best version of yourself!

Health Optimization

be proactive

Be proactive about your health and wellness! Dr. Kamy’s health optimization services are achieved through his ‘3 Ps’ model (Proactive, Preventative, and Personalized). This approach leads to a balanced mind and body allowing you to enjoy health and mind/body harmony.

Age Management

slow the aging process

Using current evidence-based medicine, Dr. Kamy helps to enhance graceful aging and to delay the aging process. His approach incorporates medicine, nutritional supplements, a personalized exercise program and mind strengthening techniques to delay the aging process, naturally.