Dr. Kamy’s Approach

Dr. Kamy’s Philosophy

Become the best version of yourself!

Health care should be proactive, preventative and personalized.

Get Healthy for Good

Health optimization is a journey, a lifestyle, a choice.
Dr. Kamy’s philosophy is the foundation for his unique approach, allowing him to optimize the health of his clients. He does this by combining years of medical experience with an in-depth analysis of each clients’s mind, nutrition, and exercise routines. He then  makes recommendations, allowing his clients to achieve their goals and to unearth the best version of themselves.

Professional Background

From a young age, Dr. Kamy was exposed to various cultures and the challenges all people face at different phases of life. In the beginning of his career, he chose the medical field to positively affect peoples’ lives. Dr. Kamy completed medical school at Universidad De Alcala De Henares in Spain and went on to complete his Internal Medicine Residency at Boston University Affiliated Hospitals in Boston and his Nephrology Fellowship at Rhode Island Hospital / Brown University. He worked as an academic nephrologist for thirteen years in Minnesota at Healthpartners, HCMC, University of Minnesota and also served as Medical Director at Davita Clinical Research. His ongoing passion to improve and develop the structure of the health care led to furthering his education in the Executive MBA program at the Carlson School of Management. He co-founded LT Proactive Care Clinic with Lifetime CEO Bahram Akradi in 2013 to revolutionize the health care model through the pillars of Medicine, Nutrition and Exercise. His current interest is Age Management and bringing out the best version of people through his unique personalized approach to health.
His research has concluded that the human mind has limitless potential and can achieve the impossible, with proper guidance. He is a strong believer that traditional medicine needs to change as new technology becomes available and that ultimately lifestyle should be chosen with guidance from proactive health care providers.

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